Boards of Directors


Paleochristian communities are currently located in the USA and France. Each community is structured in line with the legal requirements for charitable entities in their respective countries. As such, each community has a separate Board of Directors, as outlined below:


Caesarea Community, NC, USA: Board of Directors (FOTCM)

Mr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk – President
Mr. Joseph Quinn – Vice-President
Mr. Harrison Koehli – Vice-President
Mrs. Laura Knight-Jadczyk – Chairman of the Board
Mr. Beau Christensen – CFO
Ms. Juliana Barembuem – Secretary
Ms. Carolyn MacCallum – Director and Assistant FO
Mr. Scott Ogrin – Director

Communauté St. Martin, Castelsarrasin, France: Board of Directors

President: M. Joseph Quinn
General Secretary – M. Arkadiusz Jadczyk
Adjunct Secretary General – Mlle Juliana Barembuem