2016 Calendar

May 6-8, 2016: Seminar: Meditation and the Kingdom of Godmeditation

  • Participants learned meditation techniques, how they work, what they achieve spiritually, and participated in group meditations.

June 24-26: Seminar: Religion’s place in modern society

  • Lectures on the spiritual practices, values and goals we are missing as a society, where we are headed as a result, and what we can do about it. Speakers and members of our congregation discussed a wide range of issues, including the connection between religion and mental health/illness.
  • September 23-25: Interreligious gathering: Members of different backgrounds and faiths will be gathering together to discuss the meaning of God, and how to work harmoniously together regardless of specific beliefs for the benefit of humanity.
  • December 25-26: Christmas meals and celebration

All events are free admission. To participate, please contact us to RSVP.